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If there is Sunday,

so only is JFuture

Jewish educational platform for children aged 5-12 y.o.

Our children and parents receive new knowledge, advice from professional specialists and the opportunity to spend quality time in a warm family atmosphere every Sunday


Why Do Parents Choose Us

JFuture is the first international chain of Sunday schools in the CIS Jewish communities what developed a program with use of STEAM approaches, new technologies and educational methods


The Leader In A Sphere Of Children's Creativity Development

For more than 5 years, JFuture has been developing creative thinking in children. JFuture`s classes use modern methods, the latest manuals and the latest technology. Our programs have been recognized by over 4,000 parents

Development Environment

All JFuture centers create a unique space for the harmonious development of children. We use only certified safe equipment, effective teaching aids and teaching materials. The conditions at JFuture Children's Centers meet the highest standards that responsible parents can wish for their children.


In all JFuture children's centers you will find:

  • unconditional love for children - creative team of professional teachers

  • full awareness of the achievements of your child in the classroom

  • materials and manuals designed specifically for your child

  • holidays, competitions and excursions

  • family friendly atmosphere, positive emotions, good mood


Comprehensive development of children using a system of full-fledged engineering and technical projects

This is a unique destination for each JFuture city. English, Robotics, Hebrew, Culinary Arts, Dance, Sports, Theater and more

Interactive lessons on Jewish tradition that teaches children to fulfill the basic commandments. Tradition makes every day more conscious and bright

There are interactive activities for the whole family. Useful workshops and unique events for parents. Participating with the whole family in JFuture is useful, interesting and fun


We develop creativity and prepare for the future!


Season 5784:
Traveling with RoboTorah
through the Labyrinth

Imagine being a hero as your child participates in an exciting journey with RoboTorah through the maze in the new season of JFuture Project 5784.


This journey is full of learning, discovery, and adventure, and we look forward to sharing it with each of you!

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