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We are a Sunday Jewish educational platform using new technologies and teaching methods, where children and parents receive advice and new knowledge from professional specialists and can spend time in a warm family atmosphere

J-STEAM: is not only educational method but a way of thinking

JFuture is the first international chain of Sunday schools in the CIS Jewish communities, which has developed a program using the STEAM approach, new technologies and teaching methods. To do this, the project specialists were trained in STEAM education courses and constantly take part in advanced training seminars. In JFuture, children from an early age can try themselves as an engineer, get acquainted with technologies, experiment and make discoveries. ​


The STEAM approach is not only a method of learning, but also a way of thinking. In the international JFuture project, children gain knowledge and immediately learn to use it. By emphasizing practical abilities, project participants develop creativity, flexibility and learn to cooperate with others. These skills and knowledge constitute the main educational task.


J-Roots: modern Jewish education


In today's confusing and hectic world, Jewish identity provides a firm basis for personal growth. Having discovered that he has ancient roots, which for many years helped his ancestors overcome all problems and difficulties, the child is filled with confidence and pride, the ability to stand up for himself and stand up in the face of the world around him.

JFuture is the international project not only for children, but for parents as well

How to make sure that the child learns on his own, the parents do not get tired and the whole family will be happy?


We help parents improve their parenting skills, combine the experience of Jewish mothers and the knowledge of JFuture experts, broaden their horizons and give them the opportunity to spend time with their children in specially designed joint JFuture events. ​


The preservation of Jewish traditions, Jewish holidays, the history of the Jewish people are the main priorities of our work. ​ Preschool and school education, an educational complex for all ages, theme evenings, creative meetings, entertainment programs taking place in our clubs, trips and excursions - all this can be combined into one concept - JFuture

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