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Traveling with RoboTorah through the Labyrinth.

One day on JFuture Island, your children, along with their friends Stim, Roots, and Pro, discover an ancient scroll. This scroll, filled with mysterious symbols and maps, points to a mysterious artifact hidden somewhere on the island.


It is with this scroll in hand that your child will begin his unique mission. They will find themselves in a library where, using the scroll, they will solve riddles and ciphers based on stories and knowledge from Jewish books. In the depths of the library, they discover a mysterious button. After they press it, they will be teleported into a giant labyrinth.

Inside the maze, RoboTora, a friendly and intelligent robot, will appear and explain to the children that they are in a maze of knowledge. To get out of it, they will have to go through a series of tests and overcome different problems.

Each section of the maze will be unique and will offer different challenges related to the development of certain skills. Your children will teach RoboTor to talk using gestures, formulas and graphs. They will learn to work as a team to overcome obstacles and complete tasks.

At the end of the year, after the children have successfully completed all the challenges, they will emerge from the maze transformed and more skillful and confident. Roots, Stim and Pro will be waiting for them and will be proud to reward them for their success.



Children will learn to communicate using different forms of expression.

They will learn to overcome obstacles and solve problems as a team.

Self management



Gain experience in planning and managing your time.

Learn to recognize and express emotions.

Gain experience making decisions and leading a group

But that's not the end of their adventures! Roots, Stim and Pro will tell the kids about the amazing world they discovered while the kids were in the maze. This new world full of new possibilities and discoveries awaits them in the next season of JFuture.

Imagine being a hero as your child participates in an exciting journey with RoboTorah through the maze in the new season of JFuture Project 5784. This journey is full of learning, discovery, and adventure, and we look forward to sharing it with each and every one of you!


👉 Enroll your child in JFuture today and open up a world of possibilities for them!

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